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The links on this page walk you step by step through the life of a Beagle. Otherwise known as
The Beagle Experience
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Beagle Puppyhood
Beagle Puppyhood part II
Beagle Adolescence
The Mature Beagle
The Aging Beagle
We own three Beagles, or should I say, they own us. What is life like with a Beagle? Well, it is not like a life with Lassie or Rin Tin Tin. Beagles are affectionate, however, they do have their own agenda. They are independent, and at the same time clingy, and often they can have stubborn streaks. If they aren't doing what they want to be doing they can be quite ornery.
Beagles prefer the company of other Beagles if they must be separated from their human companions for long periods of time. Beagles do not do well if left totally alone for more than a normal workday. If you work all day, be prepared to come home and play with your Beagle EVERY DAY. No sitting on the couch or watching the TV when you hit the door every night. Beagles NEED and desire attention, especially if you have been gone all day. We spend  3 hours, at the least, with our dogs on days we are away from the house working or doing errands. These are quality hours, dedicated to play, walks, grooming, and tending to our Beagles' needs. If you work long hours and don't have time for yourself, let alone another living being do NOT get a Beagle. If you want a dog who can run off a leash at the unfenced  dog park DO NOT GET A BEAGLE. Beagles like to run and sniff, and we hound folks like to say, the nose turns on and the brain turns off!  If you want a couch potato dog who never likes exercise and activity DO NOT GET A BEAGLE. As a hunting breed Beagles need daily exercise, otherwise they can become bored and destructive, or, even worse, they can easily become obese.
As far as other dogs, if socialized properly Beagles LOVE other dogs. Our Beagles play with their cousins when they come for a visit. Sapphire and Diamond are Miniature Pinchers, and they weigh less than 7 pounds each. Our Beagles play with them, but quite gingerly. It is as if they know the little guys are breakable. We also have a Labrador named Bocephus, and he and the Beagles play all the time. Our Beagles also play with some Alaskan Huskies, and those guys do not play gently, but our Beagles LOVE to play with them. They don't seem to mind getting rolled around or stepped on when they play. They kind of enjoy the roughhousing.
Beagles have a long puppyhood compared to other breeds. It takes them a little longer to mature and settle than some breeds, but for those who love a playful puppy attitude a Beagle is a great choice.
Beagles like to snuggle on the couch at night for some TV watching, after they have been exercised. If they don't get all their energy out outside they will simply just run at light speed through your house. At bedtime their favorite place to sleep is on the bed with you, but with three Beagles we find 3 really is a crowd. Loretta is the only one who sleeps on the bed, and Tuff and Ruger retreat to their crates. They don't seem to mind, after their last potty at night they run to their crates and wait for us to remove their collars, give them a biscuit, and help them get their blankets situated just right.
We love our Beagles, but have to admit, they aren't a breed for every one.
Remember you are committing to a puppy for its life when you take him or her home. Beagles commonly live for 13 to 18 years of age, so be prepared. Almost like a marriage, you promise to love that pup in sickness or in health.                                                                                           
Here are Tuff and Ruger on their very first walk at 8 weeks old. We only went about 4 feet from the door, but they learned very soon afterward to walk on a leash. As soon as they were housebroken we were cruising the neighborhood!

Ruger woke up just as I snapped this photo. He just looked so cute asleep! It seems that he is only out of mischief while he sleeps! He was about 6 months old in this photo. He has quite unique markings, I've never seen a Beagle marked like him. But good Beagle people know, "No good hound is a bad color!"

Here are Tuff, Ruger, and Loretta at our camp in the mountains. They really enjoy lounging in the sun. Below Ruger and Tuff pose for a camp picture.

What a couple of hams! These two pups are quite photogenic!

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